• Eyat Kendra

“Lots of slip, gentle on the scalp and days of moisture retention”...A Kid Friendly Wash Day Story.

As wash day rolls around. I tend to prep mentally first. Some days it can be a bit challenging. To make the experience pleasurable for my little ones. Two of whom are not so little anymore. My big little ones are 8 and 6 and there’s the princess, 20 months and still fulljoys being a baby.

I remind my big little ones about their scalp massage and how amazing it’s going to feel (which it will) and how gentle the process will be.

Let's get this kiddy pamper day started!!

-I start off by easing into the take down process, for my daughter who wears twists. My son has begun his free form Loc journey so no take down for him. The baby wears a curly fro, no take down for her either. To take down braids or twists, I would spritz her hair with water first. This helps to loosen braids and stubborn knots.

-Then, by finger detangling I apply our Coco Lemon Antibacterial Conditioning Whip. Working in sections, I use 2-3 dollops per section. I begin application on her ends then work my way up her strands. I don’t apply to her scalp as conditioners tend to clog the scalp. This entire process is done without combs, finger detangling makes the whole process a breeze since she is has very sensitive scalp. This step also aids in the break down of dirt, excess oil and product buildup. This products is also great for my 20 month old. Her curls are at the best once I use this product, which I use alone for her "wash day".

-Now its time to shampoo with Habesha Hand Crafted’s Black Soap Herbal Shampoo. This shampoo lathers very well on soaking wet hair. It is invigorating, promotes circulation on the scalp and moisturizes (plus has major slip). I shampoo my two big little ones hair twice.

-After shampooing, I use a micro fiber towel or t shirt remove excess water. I leave hair damp dry then use our Herbal Leave In Conditioner, which contains vital nutrients for both hair and scalp care. I spray in sections and use a shower cap to hold in moisture as I move from sections to section until I'm done with the next and final step.

-To prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle, I seal and ensure days of moisture retention by using our Twist and Define Natural Hair Sealant and Scalp Balm. Working in sections, I start by applying product to the ends of her hair, then move upwards and apply to the scalp as well. This butter elongates natural hair, keeps scalp flake free and aids in making the finished protective style look polished. It also leaves hair smelling so good. It is definitely a favorite for moms.

Available online https: //www.habeshahandcrafted.com/bundles

in Dallas Texas at:

-Eyat's Naturals

-The Pan African Connection

-Ann's Health Food Center


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