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"A Brand To Look Out For In 2018"

Just another hair care brand or are we really here to make a difference? As a natural hair stylist, if there is one thing that I absolutely need, it would be products that do what they were intended to do. Like my mother would say, "your hair is the beauty of your face"... and when trusted to care for my clients hair, my job requires that I do not compromise, skimp or cut corners. I use what I know is best for them, I offer them sound advice, so they can maintain, not only a beautiful style, but also healthy hair. It is important to ensure positive results, trust is a major factor.

Crafting the product is one thing, but the joy that I experience comes from you, our gracious clients, online customers and those of you who support us via our retail partners. Countless emails, DMs and tags with humble and honest appreciation for the work that goes into every bottle. We are thankful.

At the close of 2017, our team was surprised with some really great news from two very influential and hard working bloggers. Talk about things that make your heart go pitter patter, these two ladies really did that. Every year our go to natural hair gurus list their favorites in various hair care categories as well as the reasons they were chosen. Christina Patrice, creator and owner of The Mane Objective shared her favourties in a blog post @ http://www.maneobjective.com/ . A number of major brands as well as newcomers were featured. Read blog here http://www.maneobjective.com/2018/01/best-shampoos-co-washes-for-natural-curly-hair-2017-christinas-choice.html

In the category titles "Christina's Choice: Best Shampoos and Co-washes for Natural Hair"

Christina outlines a few of her faves, and by now we're already super excited to see Habesha Hand Crafted standing there. We had no idea this was happening btw, a complete surprise, and a really good one too. Not only was the blog exciting to read, but look at that picture! We stared at it, with Habesha Hand Crafted front and center, and marveled at how much of a great photographer Christina is. You did that Christina. *cyber bow to you*

Then, drum roll please....

The crowd went wild! It was Habesha Hand crafted! Her favorite shampoo for 2017. Those are some hard shoes to fill, but we did. We already love our Black Soap Herbal Shampoo, but Christina, who is a go to person for her opinion on hair care products, and trusted to bring objective reviews, chose Habesha.

"17 Black Owned Hair Brands to Watch in 2018"

Watch Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reQOf_A0H3U

Read Here: http://www.maneobjective.com/

Now, onto the queen, can I just say shout out to all the sisters who KNOW they are queens and live up to standards of a queen. The People's daughter, Elizabette Privat is a black brand influencer and founder of the Crown kit. Elizabette is dedicated to bringing attention to under represented natural hair brands. She offers much needed advice for those who buy natural hair products and for brand owners. She too closed her 2017 list with some of her favorites in various categories.

Check out Elizabette's blog page here: https://privatelizabette06.wixsite.com/the-peoplesdaughter/home/page/1

In the category, "Best Leave In Conditioner"

Here's what she had to say as well as her favorite Leave In Conditioner;

"You’ll notice most of these are a thin/creamy consistency with a few thicker consistencies. My hair prefers the former on a normal basis."

1. @monie_skin_care blood orange leave in (this is my MUST HAVE)

2. @elainehairbody low porosity leave in

3. @habeshahandcrafted herbal leave in conditioner

4. @shunsleekbeauty rosemary aloe Vera water fresh leave in

5. @kriyabotanicals high porosity royal fruits leave in

6. @shescentit coco creme leave in conditioner

7. @annabelles_perfectblend peach hibiscus leave in

8. @adwoabeauty leave in conditioning styler

9. @kinky_tresses avocado infusion leave in hair milk

10. @beemineorganics Deja’s hair milk - -

Check her out on Instagram here:https://www.instagram.com/queenelizabette___/

We made two lists, in two major hair care categories. All if not most naturals NEED to have these two products for overall hair and scalp health. 2017 definitely closed on a high note.

So no, Habesha Hand Crafted is not just another hair care brand. Tested and proven time and time again to be one of the best holistic hair care brands today. Our Etsy reviews remain stellar and we intend to continue to put out nothing but quality.


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