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High Grade Herbal Tea Rinse

Tea rinses are an ancient beauty treatment. It is used to treat scalp issues, enhancing hair color, improving hair health for example elasticity and shine and many more issues. It's the perfect 100% Herbal treatment that you can add to your existing hair care regimen that will improve your hair and scalp's over all condition.

Benefits Of Using Habesha's Herbal Tea Rinse:

1)Prevent and remedy dandruff and dry scalp.

2)Encourages scalp stimulation, which is essential for hair growth.

3)Prevents hair loss.

4)Nourishes the scalp and protects it from bacteria.

How to Prepare The Herbal Tea Rinse:

1) Put 1-2 of table spoons of the Herbal Tea Rinse in a muslin bag. (A free muslin bag comes with every purchase of a tea rinse)

2)Add 2-3 cups of hot water to a ceramic/ glass bowl or cup.

3)Steep muslin bag with tea rinse already in bag in hot water for 45 minutes.

4)Leave to cool to desired temperature.

How To Use Our Tea Rinse:

1)Cleanse and or condition your hair using Habesha's Black Soap Herbal Shampoo and Coco Lemon Anti- Bacterial Conditioning Whip.

2)Rinse and lightly dry hair with a microfiber towel.

3)Remove muslin bag, then pour prepared tea rinse concoction over hair and scalp.

4)Cover head head with a shower cap and leave for 30 minutes, then dry with a microfiber towel or blow dry on low heat.

Improvise, and use as a mid week refresher

For regular treatment, prepare the tea rinse mixture, pour the strained mixture( or reuse herbs from a previous use from muslin bag) into a spray bottle. Store for up to two weeks. Not only can the spray be used as a mid week refresher, but also as a deodorizer as the herbs do have a very aromatic scent. It can be used on both loose natural hair and locs.

~Quick Tip: add a quarter teaspoon of rosemary extract to preserve for longer use~

What Goes Into Habesha Hand Crafted's Tea Rinse and it's Benefits:

Hibiscus Benefits:

-Prevents hair loss

-Prevent premature greying.

-Loosens Frizz.

-Promotes hair growth.

-Boosts shine and bounce.

-Discourages split ends.

Horsetail Benefits:

-Contains silica (strengthens hair)

-Improves blood circulation in the scalp.

-Helps to prevent hair loss

Rosemary Benefits:

-Stimulates hair follicles, brings blood closer to each follicle.

-Anti fungal agent that combats scalp infections.

-Has anti-microbial properties which will prevent and remedy scalp infections.

-Promotes hair growth.

Nettle Benefits:

-Encourages hair growth.

-Reduces shedding.

-Detoxifies scalp.

-Treats scalp conditions.

-Combats hair loss.

-Rich in Sulphur and silica, which helps to make hair healthy and boosts shine.

Rose Bud Benefits:

-Rich in anti inflammatory properties that sooth inflamed scalp.

-Has anti bacterial properties which fights off bacteria.

-Heals itchy and flaky scalp.

-Increases blood flow their follicles.

-Promotes hair growth.

Lavender Benefits:

-Stimulates the scalp.

-Draws blood to the scalp which helps to prevent hair loss.

-Treats itchy scalp, dandruff, head lice and alopecia.


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