• Christina Patrice

"Y'ALL. LISTEN. That shampoo is legit fire!"

Habesha Hand Crafted gets raving reviews again, this time by Natural Hair Blogger and Fitness enthusiast Christina Patrice. Habesha was recently featured on Christina's blog site, 'The Mane Objective' where she reviews "17 Brands To Watch in 2018", she details what she loves about each one. We are so thrilled to be featured and we are really proud of her work. She is quite creative and has paired her knowledge of natural hair and photographic genius to produce an amazing blog that every natural can appreciate.

Please check out her Instagram page @ hhttps://www.instagram.com/maneobjective/ttps://www.instagram.com/maneobjective/

Read her blog here: http://www.maneobjective.com/2017/10/17-black-owned-natural-hair-brands-to-watch-in-2018.html


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