• Elizabette Privat

"We Do It For The Culture"

Habesha Hand Crafted recently made the 'Master List', a listing of Natural Hair Care brands that naturals should get to know. It was created by Natural Hair Blogger and Black Brand Influencer Elizabette Privat. A law school student who is very passionate about raising her voice to bring awareness to the Natural Hair Community about under represented Black Owned Natural Hair Brands. She has made quite the impact in the community with her reviews, offering naturals of a variety of textures tips and tricks to help them on their natural hair journey. Using the brands she has reviewed, her honest critique has helped naturals and brand owners alike. We are honored to have been featured on her blog and social media platforms.

Follow her Instagram page @: https://www.instagram.com/queenelizabette___/

Please click the link to read her review: https://privatelizabette06.wixsite.com/the-peoplesdaughter/single-post/2017/08/22/Habesha-Handcrafted---For-All-Kinky-hair-girls-including-Locs


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