August 13, 2018

As wash day rolls around. I tend to prep mentally first. Some days it can be a bit challenging. To make the experience pleasurable for my little ones. Two of whom are not so little anymore. My big little ones are 8 and 6 and there’s the princess, 20 months and still fu...

April 17, 2018


We were recently contacted by the editorial staff of Voyage Dallas Magazine, an online media outlet originally LA based. This media group has grown into a multi city digital group with one of their offices in our adoptive city of Dallas TX. Their objective is to showc...

January 16, 2018

Just another hair care brand or are we really here to make a difference? As a natural hair stylist, if there is one thing that I absolutely need, it would be products that do what they were intended to do. Like my mother would say, "your hair is the beauty of your face...

December 20, 2017

Tea rinses are an ancient beauty treatment. It is used to treat scalp issues, enhancing hair color, improving hair health for example elasticity and shine and many more issues

September 8, 2017

After having my third baby, the last thing I thought I'd experience was post partum shedding. I've never experienced it, and as a matter of fact, my prior pregnancies were nothing short of splendid. I carried to full term each pregnancy, had vaginal births and breast f...

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